Working together to develop competencies: basic training and advanced training in trauma surgery and orthopaedics

The OTC Academy is responsible for handling all organisational, practical and administrative aspects of programmes and for applying the goals of OTC Germany across the regions and throughout the country and across regions.

It is solely and exclusively responsible for coordinating and organising solely and exclusively certified basic and specialist training for young professionals in the fields of trauma surgery and orthopaedics. Also facilitates, the training of young trauma surgeons and orthopaedists by fostering cooperative communication within these fields.

Activities and responsibilities:

  • Organising events
  • Holding continuing education, seminars, workshops, symposia, etc. for doctors and surgical staff
  • Preparation for medical specialist examinations
  • Providing short-term job shadowing and hospital visits
  • Creating scholarships and shadowing programmes
  • Promoting specialist training 
  • Facilitating cooperative communication within the field