Terms and Conditions


OTC Germany gGmbH terms for registration and participation



Advance registration (by letter, fax, telephone or online) is required for all events organised by OTC Germany gGmbH. Online registration is possible on our website, www.otc-akademie.de.

Partial registration is only possible for events that indicated as being bookable by the day. If your registration is made through your employer and the employer’s name must also appear on the invoice, this must be indicated at the time of registration. Registration documents can only be sent by e-mail.

By submitting your registration, you accept the internal compliance guidelines of OTC Germany gGmbH.


Participation fees

After receipt of invoice, please pay the participation fee by bank transfer after receipt of the invoice by the indicated date, or seven days prior to the beginning of the conference at the latest. Any discounts are detailed separately.


Scope of services

The participation fee covers participation in the event, seminar handouts and, where indicated, conference beverages, lunch or eventually an evening snack. In addition, a certificate of participation will be provided at no additional cost..


Cancellation by participant

Registrations are binding; cancellations must be made in writing and sent by post, fax or email. OTC may require compensation commensurate with the preparations made and expenditures incurred. The following general conditions apply, unless otherwise explicitly indicated on the registration form:

- Up to 21 days before the start of the course: administration fee of 40 euros

- Less than 21 days and up to 7 days before the start of the course: 60% of the course fee (including early registration discount)

- Six days or less before the start of the course: 100% of the course fee

Should OTC fill your spot or you supply a replacement, no cancellation charges will be applied.


Cancellation of seminars and necessary programme changes

An event may be called off due to reasons such as not enough participants, illness or unavailability of speaker, hotel closure, or force majeure. If there are not enough participants, the event will be cancelled no later than two weeks before the scheduled start date. If an event has to be called off or postponed, we will refund all paid participation fees without delay. Any further claims are excluded, except in cases of intentional or gross negligence on the part of the legal representatives, employees or other agents of OTC Germany gGmbH.

OTC reserves the right to make changes to the scientific programmes. This will not affect the original organisation and design of a course.


Handouts and other documents

Handouts will be provided at the beginning of the event by our conference assistant.



The handouts and other documents provided by OTC Germany gGmbH are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or disseminated in full or in part without the consent of OTC Germany gGmbH. OTC Germany gGmbH reserves all rights. The handouts and other documents are exclusively available to participants. By accepting the documents, you consent to the corresponding terms of use.

The course participants agree that any videos and/or photos in which they appear may be used after the course for workshop documentation and/or public relations purposes, in brochures and on the OTC Germany gGmbH website.


Data privacy/user data

Data provided to us is processed electronically to complete your seminar booking and provide you with information about additional events. Names and addresses are made available to other seminar participants (list of participants) and to the firm that runs our mailing services. Please inform us if you do not wish to receive any information about further OTC Germany gGmbH events. Any objections to this provision must be submitted to: OTC Germany gGmbH, Huyssenallee 48, 45128 Essen. Tel.: 0201-29448600 oder per Mail an info@otc-akademie.de


Participation certificates

We will issue an official certificate of your participation in the event. This also documents the number of hours you spent at the event. Please note that for this purpose, you must confirm your participation by signing the attendance list laid out on the day of the course.

You will receive a certificate for successfully completing a course with a final exam (specialist course). In order to meet the legal requirements for the recognition of exams, the participants will be given separate information on how such tests are conducted.


Hotel bookings

We generally block-book room contingents for our participants at reduced prices in the hotel where the event is taking place (exceptions: Island Courses, Alpbach Trauma Course, Beginner Spine Course). When making your room reservation at the hotel and paying all expenses incurred, please inform the hotel of your participation in an OTC Akademie course. You will find separate information about this in the corresponding course programme. In the event of cancellation, OTC will not cover these costs.


Precautionary measures

At workshops in which participants work with specimens, all of the provided protective clothing must be used. You must wear the X-ray shield as well as your own personal exposure meter when using X-ray equipment in the workshop.

Live specimens will be used in some courses. Please note that they may contain potentially infectious materials. Sharp implements are used in the courses. We would like to warn you in advance that such instruments must be handled carefully and ask you to use appropriate methods of disposal. The course director will always provide you with instructions. The precautionary measures cited above also apply to courses and workshops in which you work with bone models. OTC cannot assume any liability for injuries caused by sharp implements.