Course types

Our courses

Depending on the topic of the training course and the corresponding curricula, we use different instruction formats which reflect the formal and content requirements.

Our comprehensive offering of specialist training courses forms the core of our programmes. All courses are tailored in length and scope to each subject to provide participants with theoretical knowledge closely interlinked with practical aspects of clinically proven methods and techniques.

Furthermore, our workshops, which last around two days, offer participants an opportunity to solidify and intensify their knowledge by working in small groups, e.g. through hands-on implant exercises.

The specialist training courses and the workshops are offered in our programme as stand-alone events or as a combined staff training package.

The programme is rounded off by several symposia. These symposia are for highly-trained medical professionals to meet and discuss current trends and the techniques of modern dynamic osteosynthesis. They also address subjects that may benefit our younger members.

All of our established and new courses for physicians and operating theatre staff offer a wide range of implant exercises as well as exercises involving human specimens to cover all continuing education and specialist training requirements. Participation in the OTC course automatically includes continuing education certification from the regional medical associations. For some of the multi-day continuing education courses which are recognised as specialist training, the participants are entitled to take educational leave.

The University Hospital Frankfurt offers microsurgery courses five times a year. OTC members receive a 10% discount. Information can be found here. Please enter your OTC membership number when registering.